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There's no time like the present...

We're deep into August now and it seems like the whole world is away. You only have to look at your local high street or supermarket to see how quiet things are - everywhere is half-empty. Even the traffic on the Shepherds Bush Road has died right down.

But, beware, appearances can be deceptive. Soon, the new school term will begin and the country will be getting itself back into full working mode, whether that’s scouring the shops for a new school tie, or the latest ‘must have’ trainers, or just dashing off to pick up your suits from the dry cleaners, it will seem like summer had hardly happened.

If you’re still lying back on that sun lounger, cooling your brow with an ice cold drink or biting into a ‘99’, probably the last thing you are likely to be thinking about is selling your home. After all, what’s the rush?

But the wise ones are doing just that. Finlay Brewer are having a surprisingly successful August with a significant number of sales. The market is definitely busier - which is an early start to the autumn market. If you want to take maximum advantage you need to get a move on. Be ahead of the game if you can and be ready to go live early September. If you’re thinking about it please call us, we can come round, give you our appraisal and get the ball rolling…

And finally please don’t forget that every Estate Agent has to carry out Money Laundering Compliance Procedures on all sellers and buyers so please be ready to show us your passport and utility bill. We can’t market your property or submit your offer without completing this legal requirement.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll catch you again next month, if we don’t hear from you before.